Agent’s Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cajun Underwriters?

Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange is a Louisiana Domiciled Insurance Company that received its Certificate of Authority on June 15, 2022.

Is Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange rated?

Yes, On July 12, 2022, Demotech affirmed the company with a rating of “A Exceptional.”

What type of company is Cajun Underwriters?

Cajun Underwriters is a reciprocal insurance company. A reciprocal insurance exchange is a type of insurance company. In this structure, the carrier is owned by policyholders but managed by a separate entity. The policyholders spread their risks among themselves. Policyholders of a reciprocal insurance exchange are referred to as subscribers.

Is there a special document that is required by Cajun Underwriters?

Yes, a Subscriber Agreement and Limited Power of Attorney are required and must be signed by the policyholder (first named insured) and received by Cajun Underwriters. Failure to provide these documents will result in cancellation of the policy. These documents will be available for e-signature online at

We initially received an assumption letter from SafePoint that they were assuming Americas policies. On 7/15/22, a letter from Cajun Underwriters came stating that they were taking over the policies. I don’t understand. Is Cajun Underwriters the same as Safepoint?

While Cajun Underwriters was going through the regulatory review process, SafePoint agreed to assume the Americas policies to give those policyholders a smooth transition from Americas Insurance Company. Once Cajun Underwriters was approved, those policies were transferred from SafePoint to Cajun Underwriters effective June 15, 2022.

When is Cajun Underwriters responsible for servicing policies?

Cajun Underwriters will start renewing assumed policies effective October 1, 2022.

When will my agency receive commissions from Cajun Underwriters?

Your agency will receive a commission direct deposit no later than fifteen days after the close of the month. Commissions will only be issued to agents who have completed and returned their contract to Cajun Underwriters.

Who pays my agency commissions for the Americas policies issued on Americas paper though their Waterstreet system?

Those commissions are paid by the Receiver approximately 15 days after close of the month.

Where do I complete my application for appointment with Cajun?

Please click here to complete your application for appointment:

How do I access the Cajun policy administration if I am already an agent?

Please visit and login using the credentials provided to the agency principal. If you need assistance with retrieving your agency’s login credentials, please send an email to

What are the process and ways I can get the Subscription agreement signed and returned to Cajun?

There are many ways that a customer can sign and return their subscription agreement:
1. Visit and input Name, email and Policy number and your customers will be able to digital sign the form.
2. Visit download the form and have your customer sign and return the agreement to
3. Customers are receiving a printed agreement in their policy jacket where they can sign and email back to
4. All Americas assumptions where we have a customer’s valid email are receiving a digital signature email where they can digitally sign the agreement.
5. You can call into 1(855)509-3432 and request for us to email the customer the digital signature agreement for them to sign.
6. You can have your customer call into 1(855)509-3432 and request for us to email them the digital signature agreement for them to sign.

What happens if a customer does not return the Subscription Agreement?

All customers have 30 days from their policy effective date to get an agreement signed and returned. We reserve the right to cancel the policy when the agreements are not signed and returned.

Contact Details for Cajun Departments?

APlease contact us at 1(855)509-3432

How do I file a claim?

Customers can call us at 1(855)509-3432 or visit our site at

How do I make a policy change?

Please contact us at 1(855)509-3432 or log into your Cajun policy administration and make the change there.

How do I update contact information for my customers?

Please contact us at 1(855)509-3432 or log into your Cajun policy administration and make the change there.

How do I update the contact information for my agency?

Please contact us at 1(855)509-3432

What is the 10% surplus contribution?

“Surplus” is the excess capital that insurance carriers must keep as a precaution in case the premiums are not enough to cover losses. In general, think of “surplus” as an insurance carrier’s savings account. Every insurance carrier is required to maintain a certain level of surplus in order to operate. Most “for-profit” insurance companies get the surplus in two ways: 1. through the accumulation of years of profits obtained from its policyholders; or 2. from selling stock on the stock market. However, because Cajun UW bases its rates upon what we predict will be needed to cover the costs of claims and expenses, there is no profit load included. In addition, because we do not sell our stock on the stock market, we must generate that surplus from our subscribers themselves. As each member joins the Exchange, a surplus contribution is required. These surplus contributions are 10 percent of the cost of your premium for years one through four and a maximum of 10 percent each year after. That’s because a surplus contribution actually saves you money over time. The more reserves we have to pay claims and cover operating costs, the lower we can keep our prices.

Can insureds be assessed?

In our subscription agreement, please look at page 1, the section labeled “Non-Assessable Policies,” where it says the liability of the Subscriber is limited to the premium contribution specified in the policy. The policy is non-Assessable.

What are the commissions for CU?

Contact us for details.

What if the policy is in a non-renewal status?

The insured and/or agent need to work with Waterstreet to have the non-renewal rescinded. Once this has taken place, the rescission needs to be sent to so that the team can then get the policy status updated and get the policy renewed into Cajun System.

On a dwelling fire (DP1) will a DWG1 form be required by Cajun Underwriters?

Yes, a DWG1 form will be mail out to the insured. Please email the signed form to

When will Safepoint policies transfer over to Cajun Underwriters?

At renewal date, stating effective date November 1, 2023.

Will Cajun offer same pay plans?

Yes, Cajun offers full pay, 2 pay and 4 pay pay-plans. We also accept premium financing. We offer the option to pay with credit card. However, our vendor charges a 2.95% credit card fee. If payment is made via e-check, fees do not apply.

Will Cajun Underwriters offer the same coverages as Safepoint?

Yes, the current coverage options will mirror SafePoint.

What if the Safepoint policy is in a non-renewal status?

The insured and/or agent will need to work with Safepoint to review the non-renewal status. Otherwise, the policy will not renew.

Is there going to be a rate increase?

Yes both companies have new filed and approved rates that will apply to the renewal policy.

Is Cajun going to honor grandfathered policies?

Yes, if the policies maintain insurability and pride of ownership and any damage is repaired in a timely fashion.

Will Cajun be increasing coverage A on all policies at renewal?

Cajun will follow the current renewal guidelines to ensure risk is insured to value an inflation factor is applied at renewal the same as Safepoint.

Will any prior discounts be removed?

No. Policies renewing in Cajun will include current discounts being applied at Safepoint.

Will Cajun Underwriters re-inspect homes?

Yes, Cajun will follow our normal re-inspection ordering timeline.


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