Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Cajun Underwriters?

Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange is a Louisiana Domiciled Insurance Company that received its Certificate of Authority on June 15, 2022.

Is Cajun Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange rated?

Yes, On July 12, 2022, Demotech affirmed the company with a rating of “A Exceptional.”

What type of company is Cajun Underwriters?

Cajun Underwriters is a reciprocal insurance company. A reciprocal insurance exchange is a type of insurance company. In this structure, the carrier is owned by policyholders but managed by a separate entity. The policyholders spread their risks among themselves. Policyholders of a reciprocal insurance exchange are referred to as subscribers.

Is there a special document that is required by Cajun Underwriters? 

Yes, a Subscriber Agreement and Limited Power of Attorney are required and must be signed by the policyholder (first named insured) and received by Cajun Underwriters. Failure to provide these documents will result in cancellation of the policy.  These documents will be available for e-signature online at

We initially received an assumption letter from SafePoint that they were assuming Americas policies. On 7/15/22, a letter from Cajun Underwriters came stating that they were taking over the policies. I don’t understand. Is Cajun Underwriters the same as Safepoint?

While Cajun Underwriters was going through the regulatory review process, SafePoint agreed to assume the Americas policies to give those policyholders a smooth transition from Americas Insurance Company. Once Cajun Underwriters was approved, those policies were transferred from SafePoint to Cajun Underwriters effective June 15, 2022.

When is Cajun Underwriters responsible for servicing policies?

Cajun Underwriters will start renewing assumed policies effective October 1, 2022.

Where do we call for customer service on policies issued by Cajun Underwriters?

Our Customer Service phone number is 1(855)509-3432

When will my agency receive commissions from Cajun Underwriters?

Your agency will receive a commission direct deposit no later than fifteen days after the close of the month. Commissions will only be issued to agents who have completed and returned their contract to Cajun Underwriters.

Who pays my agency commissions for the Americas policies issued on Americas paper though their Waterstreet system?

Those commissions are paid by the Receiver approximately 15 days after close of the month.


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